A few words with Artem Nevinchany by Puritan on March 23-2015

Age : 17 (2015)
Location : Studying in Poland, but I'm from Ukraine
Occupation : Going to become tattoo artist

CGS : When did you first get in touch with Build/Mapster?
Artem Nevinchany : I started mapping in 2009. In this year I discovered eduke and mapster. I also found guidebook of mapping which was in russian, so it was easy to start learning.

CGS : What was your first map, released or unreleased?
Artem Nevinchany : My first maps were really piece of shit. They did not have any good design, shading, gameplay etc. My first released map is "Titty City". It was first level for my modification "Rush Hour".

CGS : What is your favourite among your own maps?
Artem Nevinchany : May be the map which I am making right now?:) I really like my Flood Area. The map which was inspired by Flood Zone. I have also created a multiplayer map recently. We spend evenings with friends playing this map.

CGS : How many maps have you done?
Artem Nevinchany : Hundreds.They are all in my folder and most of them are unfinished.

CGS : Where do you get inspiration from?
Artem Nevinchany : Music and my childhood's thoughts.

CGS : Do you listen to music whilst mapping? If so, what did you listen to?
Artem Nevinchany : Of course I do! I can't imagine mapping without it. I choose music which will give me inspiration.

CGS : Do you see mapping as competitive?
Artem Nevinchany : In some cases - Yes. If you what people to play your map you should make better maps?

CGS : Do you still touch Build/Mapster?
Artem Nevinchany : Every day. Mapping is a kind of relax for me.

CGS : Are you playing any DN3D maps these days?
Artem Nevinchany : Yes. It is interesting and I get new experience.

CGS : What's your favourite map of all time?
Artem Nevinchany : Newschool: It Lives. And oldschool: Flood Zone.

CGS : What are your opinion about the HRP and Polymer projects?
Artem Nevinchany : I like them! You can make really nice look maps and stand alone games with them. However Polymer must be optimized.

CGS : What other games do you fancy?
Artem Nevinchany : Age of Empires 2, Warcraft 3, Counter Strike 1.6.

CGS : Finally, is it something you'd like to say to the DN3D community?
Artem Nevinchany : More patience and inspiration of mappers, artists,coders, musicians. You do really great job, keep it up forever, because our community is really awesome.

Best map:



Released: 2012-08-20
Score: 91
Mode: SP

Latest map:


Bite The Dust

Released: 2015-05-03
Score: 0
Mode: SP
Review: Bite The Dust

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