05 January-2020

Release !

Dark Station
by Sanek


Five days into 2020 and a release hit the shelves. Splendid!

Do you by any chanche like the "Alien" movies and / or games?
In that case this release is right up your alley.
It's a space station that appears abandoned...but is it ?
The level is more like a horror themed map where you must be quick and clever to survive, cuz you're a long way from home with low supplies.
In space no one can hear your screams!


01 January-2020

Uploaded map.

by Jesus R. Olivera


Starting off the new year with the upload of a map made way back in September 1996.

Duke is headed for his vacation on a club. Guess what......his favourite club is infested with alien vermin.
Nobody steals our chicks.....!


31 December-2019

Happy New Year!

Yet another year has passed by.
The activity in the community is low but stable.
My wishes for the new year is maps and even more maps.

Happy New Year everybody !


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