28 March-2019

Release !

Null Moon
by DannyFromNewOrleans


Just in time before Easter, DannyFromNewOrleans released an excellent map brimmed with action.

The map is sort of winter themed. Location is Whitehorne in snowbound Ontario, Canada.

Duke is on vacation but...you know....time to kick some ass !


27 February-2019

Release !

Poison Heart
by Aymeric Nocus (ck3D / MRCK)


Holy cow, that's a map to be reckonned with!
We're only in February but I think this is a strong cadidate for "map of the year". Just sayin'

Duke is a busy postman working his rounds on Christmas eve, delivering batches of last-minute presents to anonymous foreigners but really just dying to catch a break.

And you've probably guessed it already: It isn't Santa whos crying from the rooftops...


16 February-2019

Upload :

Bad Case of Mondays
by Thedutchjelle


This map was initially started back in 2009 but was put on hold. The author dusted off the map and finished it in 2016.

Duke is out for a drink when the alien scumbags ambushes him....and he is barely armed!
He seeks shelter in an office building with no other options than finding some weapons and maybe a secret tunnel out of there...!

Can he survive? Will he find the tunnel?


31 December-2018

Happy New Year!

Yet another year has passed by.
The activity in the community is low but stable. Hence the few releases as of 2018.
But the ones that actually hit the shelves are quite good. Keep it coming in 2019, guys!


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