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Saturday Dec 31-2011


 Happy new year everybody! From us at Come Get Some!



 The first "Mapper of the month" is now published. See bottom of front page.

 We're now focusing on filling up the map base. We wont write up a news item for each upload. That would be overkill.

 Todays uploads is Roch and Roch 2 by Pascal Rouaud.

 Keep looking in the maplistings for new uploads!




Friday Dec 30-2011


 Red 2 by Merlijn van Oostrum


 This map series is among the best there is and it should be well known in the Duke 3D community!




 "So there you stand in the tunnel. Before you can see a glimmer
 of a town at the end of the tunnel. Behind you, the emergency door
 is closed again. You think about what happened.Till now, the aliens
 didn't showed much resistance, you think...."





Tuesday Dec 27-2011


 Ligthhouse by Billy Boy


 An enormous level it is, Lighthouse (Biglight) made by Billy Boy back in 1999.

 If you know your Duke 3D then you're familiar with the authors big and complex levels.

 Billy Boy was ahead of his time in a few matters. Such as sector tricks and lighting.

 This level can't be beaten within a hour I'd say!



Monday Dec 26-2011

 Finally! A searchable database of all our maps and modifications is now a feature here at Come Get Some!

 Just click one of the buttons on the main menu to: 'Map Listings' or 'Map Search.'





Sunday Dec 25-2011


 The AMC TC by Community


 After years of development The AMC TC is now released!

 This project involves both mappers and coders well known in the Duke Nukem 3D community.


 James Stansfield:


 "This mammoth 8-character TC is finally ready for release, after several years of hard work. Featuring a huge range of features and effects (far too many to list here) The TC can be considered it's own game in it's right, taking story ideas from Duke Nukem as well as carrying on the storylines set in Imagination World (By myself), Oblivion (By Zaxtor) and Brave New World (By Mikko Sandt).

Featuring an episode of high-quality maps, built by myself, Rusty, Geoffrey, Highwire, Mikko and Sang. All the con coding, excluding a few parts by other coders such as DeeperThought, was by myself as well.

The AMC Squad is a paramilitary group formed by a man whose identity is unknown to all but a select few in the EDF and EAF. Using funds from both of those agencies as well as his own, he hired an old friend to track down 7 of the best and most skilled fighters on Earth. This squad was formed to tackle the most severe threats to Earth's safety, including fighting off the notorious Cycloid race of aliens. However, events soon unfold that dramatically increase the scale of conflict, and the AMC squad must soon deal with a new paranormal world that is new to even the most supernatural members of the team





Friday Dec 23-2011


 Happy Hangover by Aymeric Nocus (ck3d)


 It's just a wonderful map the author has pulled off for us this time. As always the layout, texturing and

 shading is brilliant!

 Hangover in common isn't exactly a pleasant experience....but if you had a map like this to comfort you

 each time I wouldn't care about that.




Thursday Dec 22-2011


 Mincer City by Henri K (Razor Z)


 A city in the mountains infested with alien scum is the setting for this great map.

 The architecture and layout of this level is stunning. And the gameplay is hard but fair.

 This is a must-have for all avid Dukers!




  Mincer City, once a city known for it´s idyllic chances to live turns into enormous death trap
 for Duke. Duke´s mission is to infiltrate FIX&MIX building to get forward on his way, but it isn´t as
 simple as it sounds; you also have to clear the city for alien vermin before they will get more help. Now,
 it´s time to kick some as, this is my best map so far!





Tuesday Dec 20-2011


Leohotel by Leo P


 It's rather cool to play one of those maps from back in the "golden age" of Duke 3D.

 Leohotel is a small hotel on a quiet street....well not exactly quiet... Those alien bastards

 once again have taken over a hotel. Your job is to go in and "seek and destroy!"


 It's quite amazing how many effects the author has pulled off considering the release year.

 A little hint: Be on the look for secrets!




Sunday Dec 18-2011


Spaceship to Fix by Arghantyl Aryostaz


 What could be better than sneaking upon your buddy and put a pipebomb behind his ass?


 A short description by the author:


 "Spaceship to fix is a medium sized map playable for 2-5 players,where dukers fight in a wrecken spaceship.

The gameplay is balanced and revealed a strategic deepness during tests."


 Now, download this map, call your friends and let the game begin!



 Doomed Duel


 From the author:


 "Doomed dual is a little map mainly componed of 3 rooms :An arena,a lava swimmingpool and a hangar.
The aesthetic was designed to be similar with the video game Doom."




Friday Dec 16-2011


 Crucial Conflict: 2 - Waterworld and Crucial Conflict: 3 - Acupa Dylana

 by Maarten Pinxten


 We're proud to announce that this epic map collection is now available for you!

 Some might spill coffee on their lap when we're saying "epic" about this releases...

 Well, consider the time when these maps were released...twelve years ago.....


What are you waiting for?...Christmas??




Thursday Dec 15-2011


 Arctic Alert! by Zykov Eddy


 Zykov Eddys modification: Arctic Alert! is as you have guessed a map set in an arctic environment.

 Strange things is happening on a remote base.


 The author:


 "Duke Nukem must get in secret Bio Lab in Arctica and kill all aliens there...

 This map include new super CON effects! Duke bots, smoke effects, new monsters, new items and more!

 All code written by me.

 This map use ONLY new monsters!"





Sunday Dec 11-2011


 Retaliation by Thobias Fast


 The TROR feature in Build is a great tool for mappers.

 Quote of Gambini:


 "Despite being too short and too damn cramped (at least teh first part) it´s pure awesomeness. Keep this way

 and you will become the fucking best mapper ever of all Duke history."


 Hydrofusion Substation by Luciano Gallo a.k.a. Gambini


 A release from 2003-04-07 by this author for your entertainment today.

 This time a sewer facility is overrun by those alien bastards.

 your job is to flush 'em out!




Saturday Dec 10.2011


CyberDuke by Eye del Cul


 A map set "inside" a computer. A quite different style than most other Duke maps.

Authors own words:


"This is a Duke map that I finished last February. Hope you'll find it interesting, it's some sort of aventure

 in cyberspace, I wanted to build something original."



Rush Back by Luciano Gallo a.k.a. Gambini


 In this release from 2007 Duke is kicking alien asses in a power station. Lots of nice areas to explore and ,

as usual from this author, a really nice gameplay



Thursday Dec 08.2011


Extermination by Juha "Turpuli" Laaksonen


A kick ass map from back in 2003 for your amusement today.  Extermination is a city / caves styled map. The sewer-

 parts is also well done. The map is having some nasty surprises and you might find yourself low on ammo from

 time to time. Saving often is a good advice.

Have a look!



Sunday, Dec 04.2011


 It_lives by Gambini


  When I said; " without cheating" on the front page I meant that Gambini has pulled out tricks and effects

 only from the defaults in the Build / EDuke engine. There is no extra Cons,art or modifications whatsoever!


  This map is set around a hospital where things ain't quite the way they seems...



Dec 02.2011

The Forums is now open! Go register!


Grand opening of Come Get Some forums today. To keep the Duke 3D community alive we have to pull in

same direction all of us. So, please register and show your support!





Sunday, Nov 27.2011


Duke 12_12 map by ScottL "Forge"


  ScottL "Forge" is well known around the community for his excellent reviews. His mapping skills have also

 increased stunningly!

  Duke 12_12 seems to receive very good critics around the community.


  This time those alien bastards have occupied the south side of town. It's your job to flush 'em out!




Thursday, Nov 10.2011


Five star rating


It's now possible to throw in your own ratings on our maps and mods.

A standard five star rating system is now attached to each review!


Tuesday, Nov 01. 2011


Imperium Episode



This episode is a beautiful piece of work made by well known mappers such as: the Oostrum bros, William Gee,

Numan and KaiseR.

It's a 100 Mb download packed with action!

 And of course, the modification contains new art, music,sound effects and also many Duke Plus features.



Thursday, Oct 27.2011


New entries!


 As this site is brand new on the web, the map listings is quite short at this time.

We decided to go public with the site even though it is a work-in-progress project.

Then you'll be able to follow the progress.


 Todays entries is both in the 'latest Map' and in the 'latest Mod' sections.

 We think both additions is well worth your time!