24 October-2016


Dracula's Castle
by James Stanfield


This level was originally made for the Duke Spook'em add-on but the author wanted to release it as a stand-alone release....for now.

Once again Duke's ride is shot down by those alien scumbags.
This time he crashes into Dracula's castle by coincidence...No time for garlic and wooden poles!


17 October-2016


by Sanek


Duke is back at EDF as a detective.

His job is to look after a small icy town in the middle of nowhere...
The city isn't that small after all and on top of that those alien scumbags are in town!


10 September-2016


Shaky Grounds pt1: Apocollapse
by Merlijn v. Oostrum


Merlijn says:
Back from retirement to give you another map from that strange mind of mine.. One does not simply quit Duke.

Well, he's back with a kick-ass map that will pump up your adrenaline level...
Duke finds himself in Emmerichville, a major European city devastated by an earth quake. Those alien bastards is suspected to build structures underneath the city.
There's only one man that can stop them!


04 September-2016

Fifth episode confirmed!
by Gearbox

An 8-level episode made by the original level designers; Allen Blum III and Richard "Levelord" Gray!
Also both a new weapon and enemy is on your way.
We will also face new music by the original composer Lee Jackson.
Of course; Jon St. John the voice actor, is back on the track so to speak.


03 September-2016


Moontang Episode 1 - Brig it on.
by Captain (Jack) Massive


Our very own Captain is churning out top notch maps these days.
Just some 5-6 weeks since his latest map, an overhauled Hogwash :Siege on Triton 3, he's back with a brand new level for your amusement.
This time around Duke is on a space adventure on a lunar base.
The map is making use of Polymer lighting but it's done in a very careful way so that your average rig wont implode. Polymer is also an optional feature.


August 17-2016

George Broussard sharing his notes

Gamespot are publishing some of the notes George Broussard of 3DRealms was making when they were developing Duke Nukem 3D.
The notes was originally released by GB on Twitter.
From the notes: Add the tipping girls and getting boobs....
Head on over to Gamespot and read the article. It's worth it.

July 20-2016


Hogwash :Siege on Triton 3 (Overboard Edition)
by Captain (Jack) Massive

Well, not exactly a release but really a re-release.
The author have done a major overhaul of this level.
Added lots of new functions and areas in addition to improved combats and features.
Grab this map now !

May 07-2016


Duke Forces TC 1.0
by Dan Gaskill (DeeperThought)

To all Star Wars fans out there.
DeeperThought just released a TC based on the Star Wars Dark Forces series.
Coverting weapons, music, sound, textures....etc into Star Wars content.
Head on over to see for your self.
May the force be with you !

March 10-2016


by Sanek

Sanek is back with an outdoor styled map.
This map is huge!
Clearly for those with a predilection for exploring combined with lots of alien ass-kicking.
There's also quite alot of jetpacking involved, so to speak.

February 10-2016


THE MONASTERY OF DARKNESS - 20th anniversary edition
by Schronzki

After a twenty years hiatus the author is back with a makeover of this map.
Of course, to celebrate Dukes 20'th anniversary!
The monastery is remotely placed up in the mountains and it's up to Duke to pay the facility a visit.
Rumours can tell that the monks are looking kinda....strange!

February 07-2016


Sludge Plunge by Mister Sinister

You're not afraid of getting wet on your feet, are you?
Mister Sinisters latest contribution to the DN3D community is a top notch map set in some swamp areas.
There is also some industrial sections as well as some caves.
This map is quite big so expect a better part of an hour or so of alien ass-kicking in wonderful constructed environments!

January 02-2016


The Unknown Planet by Maarten van Oostrum

The year only got to be one day old before a kick-ass map made by a veteran mapper was released.
Those who are familiar with Maartens "Alien Planet X64-2" map will certainly recognize the theme.
Excellent usage of alien textures would be the key word.
Time to set off to an alien world and kick some asses!

December 31, 2015

2015 has come to an end.

It's been a year with a huge upgrade of CGS.
Converting the html codes into the latest standards that should cover all sorts of screensizes. In addition; most of the reviews is also upgraded to the latest html and Java requirements.
A quick check of this sites URL on Google and other search engines returns satisfying results.

Also the "Mapper of the Month" and "Hall of Fame" sections has undergone major overhauls.
With the best hopes for a good user experience.

Not too many releases this year, but the majority of 'em has been quite good.
We know there is a few well known authors that is to be releasing new stuff in the near future as well.
Keep it coming, guys.

From all of us to all of you:

Happy new year everybody!!

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