by Frode Waksvik (Puritan)

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Released: 2004-03-25
Mode: SP
Difficulty Settings: No
Featuring: 1.4+
Sound/music: No
New Art: Yes
New Cons: No
Score: 77

Review by Forge on April 03-2012

The aliens have taken over and almost completely Terra-formed a city to resemble their home planet.
It's up to Duke to wipe out the alien scum and take back the city.
A very large map with an extensive layout. Not a map for eye candy, the texturing is basic, shading, detailing, architecture, and sprite work are on and off.
The areas of play range from underground tunnels and sewers, open streets, rooms and hallways inside of buildings, natural underground tunnels, an indoor swimming pool, and a warehouse.
The map is set up as a series of mazes and switchbacks. Not pleasing to the eye but great for exploring. Most types of aliens will be encountered and you'll have your choice of weapons in a complete arsenal from which to engage them.
Health is abundant and spread out through the entire map, but ammunition can be scarce so make every bullet count. There are a few traps and well placed enemy ambushes that could cost you your life.

Game play is mainly centered around finding switches to open doors and key hunting, but some of the switches and touchplates can be a bit too hidden and it's not always obvious what door was opened.
Due to the size of the map some memory skills will be required. An average looking map with a good game play.

Texturing/Lighting-Shading: 7/10
Sprite Work/Detailing: 6/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Architecture: 16/20
Layout: 18/20
Gameplay/Design: 23/30
Score: 77

Map Template


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Gameplay Video

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