Chris Colemans Ross Lemon Memorial Death Match

by Chris Coleman

(353) views since March 2019

Released: 2002-03-16
Mode: SP, DM, COOP
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Featuring: 1.3
Sound/music: No
New Art: No
New Cons: No
Score: 77

Review by Forge on 04 August 2018

An island city.

The map is primarily for DukeMatch, but it does have aliens a couple keys, and an exit button.
The level is solidly constructed with strong shading, nice articulate sector work, good texture selections and combinations, and is nicely detailed out.
The only knocks are a few of the indoor rooms are a bit over-crowded which hinders movement, and the map is lacking in ambient sounds.
Game play is pretty basic. Find the keys and leave. The red card is stashed in an out of the way location. The blue key is hidden behind a book shelf opened by a hidden switch. Finding it is probably the most difficult thing about the map.
Like most Dukematch levels with single player aspects added as an afterthought, the supply-to-alien ratio is heavily in favor of the player. Even if the map is easy to beat, it's still worth a look just to check out the scenery.
More fun than a sun burn.

Overall I'd give the singleplayer aspect a 77

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