Crash and Burn

by colonelconsequences

(427) views since Feb 2019

Released: 2012-02-24
Mode: SP
Difficulty Settings: No
Featuring: 1.4+
Sound/music: No
New Art: No
New Cons: No
Score: 83

Review by Forge on February 26-2012

A small urban map consisting of a street area which serves as a hub to locations such as: a bar, hotel, garage, grocery store, and movie theatre.
The level is constructed in a very basic manner.
Architecture is squared and blocky, shading is strong in some areas and weak in others, texturing is redundant due to the lack of contrasting trimwork, detailing and sprite work are sparse and flat.
Aside from the basic construction the floorplan is logical and well laid out, and there are some slick tricks and traps. One trap was such a set up to build urgency into the action that it should have been designed into the map where it couldn't have been avoided, but it was put in as an optional area that could be bypassed.

Game play is a key card hunt with combat encountered sporadically at strategic junctions. There's plenty of health and ammo, and you may think maybe a bit too much until you're face to face with a raving horde of pissed off baddies.

Texturing/Lighting-Shading: 7/10
Sprite Work/Detailing: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Architecture: 17/20
Layout: 19/20
Gameplay/Design: 26/30
Overall: 83/100

Map Template


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Gameplay Video

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