Demolition Plant

by Henri K (RazorZ)

(244) views since Jan 2019

Released: 2010-01-23
Mode: SP
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Featuring: 1.4+, EDuke32
Sound/music: No
New Art: No
New Cons: No
Score: 92

Review by Forge on January 24-2010

The follow up map to Resistance Rocks.
The author presents us with another map that combines a high tech base with natural caverns and canyons settings. The game plays similar to the first as in Duke starts out with the minimal of armament, there's several paths to choose from, and weapons, ammunition, and health are initially scarce.
All the routes are guarded by aliens, one has more health, the other more ammo and weapons.
Going soley one direction you'll soon find yourself without bullets to fight, the other you'll be struggling to stay alive. This pretty much sets the theme of the map where the player must bounce back and forth to keep their assets balanced. As with the first map, the layout is ingeniously set up to where you can get back to earlier parts of the map through "shortcuts" to collect the gear you'll need to continue the fight.
The majority of the health and ammunition are lumped in critical areas, and the key to reaching the end is remembering where those areas are and how to get back to them when you start running low on something.
The layout is much improved over the last map and getting lost is not much of a problem. While the architecture is simple, the combination of textures and shading are striking enough to immerse the player into the game.
There are only a few minor flaws that effect the game play. The yellow locked elevator has a few passengers on it and is on an express trip to nowhere. It goes up non-stop and you have to let it pass by then make it go down and jump in before it passes by your floor again. It's not too much of a problem, but you have to crowd in with a few unpleasant aliens that don't like to share, so you may take a beat down if you don't dispatch them quickly.
The other flaw is minor and has to do with a pointless crack in the wall near the exit. Why would you want a shortcut back to an earlier part of the map when you're standing in front of the Nuke button?
Overall it's a well balanced map with an"old school" style.

Texturing/Lighting-Shading: 9/10
Sprite Work/Detailing:8/10
Ambiance: 10/10
Architecture/Design: 18/20
Layout: 19/20
Gameplay/Difficulty: 28/30
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