by Dennis Collins (starcraftzerg)

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Released: 2014-06-19
Mode: SP, COOP
Difficulty Settings: No
Featuring: 1.4+, EDuke32
Sound/music: Music
New Art: No
New Cons: No
Score: 81

Review by Forge on 23 May 2018

An earth city styled map.

The architecture and detailing are very well done, but the shading is pretty weak in most places and there's hardly an ambient sound. Those few extra touches could have made the level very atmospheric and immersive instead of feeling a bit too washed and vacant. The design and various locations do help give it depth though.
Duke starts out in an airport and must figure out several clues to unlock the Mission Impossible Building in order to kill the alien boss hiding within it. Not a very easy task.
The player starts out barely armed and the map is packed from one end to the other with aliens. A ridiculous amount of aliens. So run a few laps around the ciy to wake them all up and give chase to Duke. Eventually enough of them will shoot each other to thin the numbers to a manageable amount, provide enough ammo drops in order to be able to fight back, and give enough breathing room to open the 8 button puzzle to the gun store.
Stop by the burger joint in the airport to replenish health and also search the rest of the facility for the clue to opening the weapons shop if you haven't found it yet.
After this issue is dealt with it just a matter of surviving through the large respawns that frequent primary locations throughout the level. There are plenty of weapons, ammo, and health to survive it all, just don't get caught in any cross-fires.
The map itself is an open world and it's premise is to wander around randomly until key cards, buttons, and switches are found. Most large button puzzles have clues somewhere. Most keys, buttons, and switches serve some purpose. Though not everything is obvious as to what it does.
More fun than a flea infestation.

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