Nobody Steals our Ships, and Lives!

by Tom Arbisi

(324) views since Oct 2018

Released: 1996-10-19
Mode: SP
Difficulty Settings: No
Featuring: 1.3
Sound/music: No
New Art: No
New Cons: No
Score: 78

Review by Forge on 22 March 2018

An EDF and Alien spaceship styled map.

The spacecraft Duke is aboard has been attacked and is over run by aliens. He needs make his way over to the alien vessel and terminate their leader.
The level looks pretty good and plays well for the most part, but it has some pretty glaring issues. There are good texturing choices and decent trimwork, but there are also a lot of misalignment.
The architecture and detailing are well done, but the EDF craft is incredibly cramped in many places. Included in the map are some pretty interesting puzzles and navigation challenges, but there are also some gaps in progression awareness for the player.
Two primary instances of possible player confusion are the most guilty culprits. The first is being aware that the switch next to the door on the EDF bridge is not for the bridge door, but for the door to the transportation room which gives access to the skiff from the earth ship to the alien's ship. It's a locked door next to the transporter start room that the player has walked by half a dozen times and has probably forgotten about by now.
The second kink in progress comes on the alien ship where the entrance tunnel forks into a Y and drops blast-doors prevent backtracking. Ultimately both lead to the same spot, but one path is definitely preferable over the other for two reasons. Only one will allow the player to get a devastator weapon which is really useful at the end.
Depending on the player's ammunition situation with the rest of their weapons, it might actually even be necessary. The devastator is placed at the top of a cliff above a pool and can't be reached from the water-side. The other path has a shrinker, but it can still be reached as there are no cliffs or blast door to cut the player off from that weapon.
The second issue with taking the 'wrong' path comes with finding the switch to open the blast door at the top of the alien spiral dais. Coming in at the top of the spiral the player will then be put in the, 'search high and low for the annoying hidden button' mode of play. Entering in from the pool side, the player drops into the water and swims right past the switch in plain site next to the only underwater tunnel. Coming from the top side, the button will be at the player's back when they exit the submerged shaft into the cliff surrounded pool, thus making it incredibly easy to miss until they get frustrated with looking around that area and decide to swim back to the spiraling ramp room.
The potential is there, it just requires a bit of patience when dealing with its design quirks.
More fun than a blindfold.

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