Spaceship to fix

by Arghantyl Aryostaz

(224) views since March 2019

Released: 2011-03-17
Mode: DM
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Featuring: 1.4+, EDuke32
Sound/music: No
New Art: No
New Cons: No
Score: 0

Overview : Arghantyl on December 18-2011

Type : Fight/Control
Spaceship to fix is a medium sized map playable for 2-5 players,where dukers fight in a wrecken spaceship.The gameplay is balanced and revealed a strategic deepness during tests.

The weaponry is very wide and classic : shotguns (3),Rpgs (2),chaingun,shrinker,devastator,some tripbombs and even a powerful expander ammo !
The inventory includes 2 steroids,1 Medikit and two atomic health are diplaced on each side of the map.
There s some Healthpoints to restaure completey your health and a lot of ammos to keep your mind on action.

The layout of rooms combined to the ressources placing allow a lot of tactics moves and players can easily evade from fights when it become urgent.
For a fast action,when you spawn,you are already to fight due to the weapons left under your feet and a lot of ammos associated.
The control is mainly targeted on item's respawn and tripbombs trapping.

3- 5 Players :
Basic Strategy : When you start this killing-session,focus your mind to grabb heavy stuff like Atomic healths,medikit which increase your chance of success.Note the delay of respawn and recome when it's done.
Forget the Shrinker and prefer the shotgun and Rpg(due to the layout opponents can appear suddenly on your back.).Try to kill fast and if not, move away if you are hurted.
Advanced strategy : Tripbombs will allow to make a lot of victims.Put them on the respawn point especially in the control room.The vents are a nice place too to gain frags without fightings.
Advanced strategy 2: Camp in the cage,outside of the spaceship,is a nice way to set your health to 200 and armor to 100.Launch rockets on teleporters during 15 seconds to prevent some inconvenients (and make some additional frags.... ). If you stay there,nobody can harm you but your score will fail.

2 players :
Basic strategy : Surprisingly,tests showed that the shrinker was overpowered (no people can kill you when you try to stomp your victim) and steroids essentials (increase your speed and protect/cure of the shrinker).
Predict your opponent's moves can be difficult,but not impossible,if you keep in mind that he wants the same things than you.
Advanced strategy :If you stay enough in life,try to grabb some expanders ammos and reverse the situation!

Map Template


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