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Sub Pens Take over

by Al Patapoff

Released: 1999-09-23
Mode: SP
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Featuring: 1.4+
Sound/music: Music, Sound
New Art: Yes
New Cons: Yes
Score: 77

Review by Puritan on 21 June 2020

Enemies killed: 421
Enemies left: 13

The above stats sum up pretty much this map; It's a slaughterfest indeed.
It's a journey through various areas connected together with keycards. Flush out one area, gather a keycard and unlock the next area. Repeat.
Design is quite messy with sewers, dungeons, outdoors, caves and what not thrown together but it is quite fun after all.
There is huge amount of weapons, ammo and healing kits spread out in all areas including semi-hidden areas. Since the resistance is never ending and the hacked CON-files delivers a few mini-bosses based on the Overlord you will need to load your weapons quite a few times.
Took me some 40 minutes to pass but it was never boring!


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