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come get some statistics

Good evening, dear Duker!

We are proudly introducing this table of statistics for you.
Within this page you should find all the numbers and statistics related to our sites downloads.
Be sure to hang around for a while and see what the tales of the tape looks like.
Maybe you are monitoring your own map?
Or wondering which author is on the top ranking?


From here you will be able to browse through all maps that is available here at CGS
The table is very simple with no fancy colors, whistles and bells.
But the hard facts of the table is automatically updated directly from our database.
Table is in alphabetical order.
Go have a look!

Duke in Motion

Random Duke Nukem 3D video of the moment:

5 star user ratings

Data from 5-star ratings located at the bottom of each review.
Order by total votes.

Link Total Votes  Average Score 
Mill Town Rampage184.8
Duke Nukem Forever 1.0174.9
Hard City134.8
Afterglow; Twin Creeks114.8