A few words with Luciano Gallo (Gambini) by Puritan on June 11-2012

Age : 31 (2012)
Location : Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation : Have been driving a truck for DHL for 8 years.

CGS : When did you first get in touch with Build/Mapster?
Gambini : Back when the game was out. Although, as many mappers, could not make Build work properly until the Atomic Edition came with an installer for Build.

CGS : What was your first map, released or unreleased?
Gambini : The first thing I have ever released was a city map in 1997 that i sent to a spanish magazine. It was published in a shareware package. Previous to that I was working in another map that got lost after updating my computer.

CGS : What is your favourite among your own maps?
Gambini : It Lives of course. I think I got it almost like i dreamed it to be, almost.

CGS : How many maps have you done?
Gambini : 6 released maps. Many more counting unreleased and for other games (also unreleased, mostly).

CGS : Where do you get inspiration from?
Gambini : I use to take inspiration from real life locations and pictures of abandoned factories and such when mapping for other games. But when it comes to Duke, I mostly base my maps in what is inside my head. That´s why they´re so fucked up.

CGS : Do you listen to music whilst mapping? If so, what did you listen to?
Gambini : Sometimes i do, sometimes i don´t. There are a couple of tunes though that, because i listened to them when building certain thing, make me remember exactly what i was building.

CGS : Do you see mapping as competitive?
Gambini : Why not? Competitive in a good way though. The fact of being surrounded by good mappers push you to make better maps. That´s a sort of competence. Also, I personally feel the need of being above the standard.

CGS : Do you still touch Build/Mapster?
Gambini : Yes, yesterday i touched the mapster32 icon in order to move it to the recycler bin. duh! No, well. Every now and then, although I´m more into Half Life 2 these days. But I always have the feeling (and the conviction) that I´ll be back. Duke3d has been running inside my veins for 16 years? I have the Build hotkeys embossed in the most primitive part of my brain. Like riding a bycicle, you can not use one in years but you won´t forget how to ride them. The same goes with Build and me.

CGS : Are you playing any DN3D maps these days?
Gambini : Not that much. I don´t really play that much and when I do I´m mostly focused on the game I´m mapping for at the moment.

CGS : What's your favourite map of all time?
Gambini : It´s hard to tell. I really like all the well known maps released between 2002 and 2006. Those were golden times. Bob Averill and Alejandro´s maps really did a great job raising the design bar. And there are some gems like Red5 and Earth base, of which I don´t get tired of playing. But this is an unfair answer. There are quite a lot of maps worth mentioning.

CGS : What are your opinion about the HRP and Polymer projects?
Gambini : Everybody involved in those projects deserve my respect by their tenacity and dedication. And specifically about Polymer by their skill. But I´d not cry if they move to another game. The only thing they produce on me are headaches. 75% of the time Duke projects are played the wrong way because the confusion those projects produce.

CGS : What other games do you fancy?
Gambini : Half Life series

CGS : Finally, is it something you'd like to say to the DN3D community?
Gambini : You should feel guilty about all those liztroops that lost their life because of your joy. Liztroops with wives and children to feed that were merely doing their job fighting you. They died in duty and deserve to be honored. Unlike you.

Best map:


It lives

Released: 2011-03-26
Score: 99
Mode: SP
Review: It lives

Latest map:



Released: 2013-02-12
Score: 81
Mode: SP
Review: 2hoursmyballs

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