Mapper of the Month 2014

January - Ken Silverman

I will offer you something I've never given out before - my todo list from the Build days:

February - Sanek

It's amazing that people still play and talk about Duke and make something for it.

March - Mister Sinister

The very first map I made was some kind of a forest with a wooden house.

April - Kevin Cools

But it wouldn't be Duke3d if something wouldn't go wrong!

May - Supertanker

Our community is too small and precious to have anything more than a friendly rivalry among mappers.

June - Arturo Martinez (MapLord)

Fuck off all the level pirates...

August - Perro Seco

I get inspired specially by the levels of Tekwar and some from Doom. Also by real places.

September - Alejandron Arroyo

My latest map: "Cathedral", I based this map slightly and freely in a real place, the Mallorca Cathedral zone.

October - Duke64Nukem

Long live the king, "It's time to make tracks".

November - Arghantyl Aryostaz

Installing mapster32 and finding Bishop's tutorials were just true oxygen breaths.

December - Michael Crisp (Micky C)

Your map needs to have something that no map has ever done before...

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