Mapper of the Month 2012

January - Luciano Gallo (Gambini)

You should feel guilty about all those liztroops that lost their life because of your joy...

February - Maarten Pinxten

Hell yeah! My taste for music has changed a bit over the years...

March - Aymeric Nocus (ck3D)

Occasionally, if I really hit the bottom of the bucket I will fire up Mapster again and see what I can do....

April - Mikko Sandt

Dukecide was inspired by Quake 2, an old Duke3D map "Steel", DukePlus and Daikatana's soundtrack.

May - Merlijn v. Oostrum

I'm not really a gamer anymore tbh...

June - Bob Averill

Let's see what kind of creativity there is left in what remains of the BUILD mapping community.

July - Pascal Rouaud

Someone will 'help' you behind some doors that don't open...

August - Thobias Fast (Loke)

I think I'll die with Duke Nukem 3D in my mind.

September - Alejandro Glavic

There are always some details to be polished in your work...

October - Fernando Marquez

I open the editor and study the map and try to remember how to use it.

November - Zykov Eddy

I had a great fun playing with the editor and I still have some of my first maps made for SW.

December - Frode Waksvik (Puritan)

A few words with Frode Waksvik (Puritan) by Puritan (!) on November 27-2012

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