Mapper of the Month 2013

February - Maarten v. Oostrum

The first more serious map was a weird alien planet-like map. Can't remember the name.

March - Robert Wypior (underTaker)

I try to play every new released maps. I find most of them really entertaining...

April - ScottL (Forge)

I was running my face hole on the forums at Duke Nukem Repository about maps I had played.

May - Taivo Maripuu

Yes I listen to music whenever I am behind a computer.

June - William Gee

..looking at the list of CBP'S was the most fun to build and is still a awesome level.

July - Paul Monteray (HighTreason)

I usually fire up Google Street View and look around my own city...

August - Devastator

To russian community - stop drinking vodka and do good maps instead!

September - Paul Bolduc

I’m amazed to this day there are still unique never seen before tricks that keep popping out...

October - KaiseR

C'mon, who needs a description ? It's Duke !!!

November - Billy Boy

Duke's dream time is interrupted when his ride crash-lands...

December - David B.

Real pictures - sometimes movies - often bring ingredients for the design part.

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