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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Blown Fuses, by Luciano Gallo (Gambini)
Map Name: Blown Fuses
Author: Luciano Gallo (Gambini)
Released: 29th June 2008
Rating: 99

Review by Kim Robinson on 1st January 2009

Before starting, it's required that you download and install the latest version of DukePlus, obtainable from here. The map is included in DukePlus, just select the DukePlus levels episode and walk through to the Blown Fuses door to play.

Quite seldom's the occasion that I say that I have a new all-time favourite map, however this new level from Gambini is, simply put, one of the greatest levels you will ever play. Level design, effects, attention to every little detail you could think of, and most importantly gameplay and its ability to keep your mind from wandering - it's all there, and there consistently through-out the two and a half thousand odd sectors which make up this map.

Doubtlessly you'll have quickly scanned the screenshots below to see what all the fuss is about, so the theme is probably quite apparent - an outskirt-urban slash industrial affair, quite close to some cliffs and other various natural phenomenon (trees and such-like). You won't be counting on the bit at the end so I'll leave that as a surprise. What may also be guessed at is the purpose of the map, or an aspect of it at least - to replace a bunch of blown fuses. That's right - Duke plays amateur electric works technician, going about replacing vital electrical innards and getting power online (and offline again later). For all the work he has to do it's a good job he had a quiet one the evening beforehand.

As the level progresses the quality stays right up there. You'll visit a factory with some bloody neat spritework and scripted events, and be helped along by someone strangely familiar. It's a bit of pity you don't get the chance to kill all the monsters yourself, but the help you do get certainly changes the pace for a little while - and keeps things interesting. Sounding vague? Just play the map already.

To be plunging headlong into the second half of 2008 and still have maps of such high quality being released surely must say something about the long-livedness of Duke. Projects like EDuke32 and DukePlus have been indispensable for innovation such as this. Nothing more to say - grab this map or risk being excommunicated from Dukefandom.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32
Filesize: 290.67 KB
Level includes: new music

Download: Blown Fuses (2211)
Other releases by Luciano Gallo (Gambini): Duke Nukem ex Mortum, Hydrofusion Substation, Men in Black, Rush Back v2.01

Know of any other maps from this author? Let us know

Mapping template:


This level is designed for Dukeplus 1.91 or higher and for Polymost mode (openGL)
only. 8bit rendering will not work with this. I recomend you setting up your texture
filter on ¨near_mm_near¨ and disabling the ¨model occlusion checking¨. HRP is not
recomended neither.


Title                 : Blown Fuses v1.401  
                          note:¨Alternative boss end¨ ¨remasterized ¨ (Project Name:
Fucking Gnome)
Filename              : blnfusesV130.map
Author                : Luciano Gallo - a.k.a Gambini
E-mail                : Gallo.luciano1[at]gmail.com
Web Page              : i have no one yet, but if you feel like going to give some
feedback, just post your comments or bug reporting at the AMC thread:

Misc. Author Info     : I´m an old mapper that never released his levels until about
4 months ago when i met the internet and the Duke forums, that´s when all the dukers
could see what i did in all those years, and surprise! they liked it! So i decided to
work on one more level (this one).

Other Levels          : Rush2k (or RushBack v2.01), DNxMortum, Hydrofusion
Substation, Men in Black, News, the Duke Plus example map effects, Luciano Land,
Mina, Banco IMF, Rush Gain 1.89. (all those for Duke Nukem). And another bunch of
unreleased crap for almost fps with a level editor :P

Description           : Duke suddently wakes up and notice that his fuckfriend chick
is not with him and apparently she stealed his mattress as well, he gets up from the
squeaking grid and realizes that something else happened there...

Additional Credits To :

Ken Silverman: for releasing the source code that makes all these things possible.
Alejandro Glavic: for giving me the chance to put in the knowedge of the community my
MSandt and Davox for betatesting.
The AMC forum
EDuke32 Developers (Xtermin, Hunter Byte, The Jonof port guy).
All my people that had the patience of leaving me at the computer all the nights of
about 4 months (yes, it´s my wife)
To my Kids, Lucas and Pablo (he designed the oozfilter sockets on the hi-tech area,
he is five years old)
To Deeperthought: for tweaking  Duke Plus for this map, and all his online support.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : Dukeplus levels, first door at the hallway.
Single Player          : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : No
Cooperative 2-8 Player : I hope.
Difficulty Settings    : mmmh, not really.
Plutonium Pak Required : Of Course.
New Art                : Dukeplus art.
New Music              : No
New Sound Effects      : Dukeplus sounds.
New .CON Files         : Dukeplus code.
Demos Replaced         : No


* Construction *

Base                   : All by my own, but not all is new, i used chunks from old
unreleased levels by me.
Level Editor(s) Used   : Mapster32, about 10 different development snapshots.
Art Editor(s) Used     : Well, i made the fuses skin using Corel Photo paint, edited
some weapon sounds with Cool Edit Pro
Construction Time      :  Most of my free time over the four months that i spent to
finish it.
Known Bugs/Problems    :  ALL the bugs of what i knew about since the level is
released are fixed on this version. If you played the earlies releases you should
replay it again and notice how much the gameplay and eyecandy improved.


*Important Information*

Installation           : Download DukePlus 1.92 or higher from
http://deeperthought.dukertcm.com/dp/ and install it on your Duke Nukem folder,
execute Dukeplus.bat and select the ¨Dukeplus maps¨ episode, go to the first door at
the hallway (the one that says Blown Fuses) and get into it :P, another option would
be opening the user maps window and select the file blnfusesv130.map.

NOTE: be sure that you haven´t an older map version in your duke folder root, or
Dukeplus will probably load the old one.

Important Notes        : This level is designed for being played on polymost
rendering, and not for 8bit rendering. i dont recommend you using the HRP, it looks
better with the old textures. 

Note: A bunch of effects that you´ll see on this map are available to do using
Dukeplus only, the way to to them is explained in the Dukeplus mapping effects, some
short examples are:
Killer sectors, pickable fuses for puzzles, Spawners, enhaced Respawn, Cstat trees
sprites, transparent water, Dukebots allieds with waypoints and scripted sequences,
DP touchplates, special monsters behavours and noise sprites.


Copyright: You´re not allowed to modify, extract chunks or make a new map based on
this level, you can distribute it with the Dukeplus package only, otherway the level
will not work, in addition this text file must be attached to the level wherever it


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