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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » New York Rebellion, by Fernando Márquez
Addon Name: New York Rebellion
Author: Fernando Márquez
Released: 21st December 1996
Rating: 91

Review by Kim Robinson on 30th September 2007

For the first time you can now grab a copy of Fernando's New York Rebellion episode in its entirity, conveniently .grp'ed together and with a batch file to boot. The score has been averaged out over the already reviewed individual maps, and nothing has been changed from those originals. If you've played any of Fernando's maps you'll know what to expect from this episode, and of course if you've played the episode as individual levels I needn't say more. But I shall soldier on. Expect solidly designed levels, astute attention to detail, working lights, puzzles which require you to think and situations which force you to use your wits. You'll be pitted against barrages of enemies on numerous occasions, brave the fiery depths of New York and storm an alien stronghold. In the game mind you, DNR's insurance doesn't cover personal injury.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Avid followers of Fernando's maps will also know that his mapping style is very much reminiscent of the game's original levels, so if you enjoyed Duke 3D when it came out (a fair chance) you'll be surely entertained by this contribution to the Duke community.

The following is a quick break-down on what we have here:
Level 1: Sweeney Slime Refinery - a romp through exactly what the title suggests, complete with conveyor belt, head grabbers and alien vermin. 92/100
Level 2: Dark Palm Hotel - a mini-hotel that's been infiltrated by those alien nasties, take 'em out and whack that nuke button. 90/100
Level 3: Lonely Street - you set an episode in New York, you've gotta have a street level. This one will have you bashing your way through buildings in an attempt to get to a very important looking control room. 86/100
Level 4: Sewer Confines - in keeping with the New York theme, Sewer Confines will have you returning to the world of sludge and sewerage. Fight your way through, watch your step and you'll see this one through. 93/100
Level 5: The Lava Reef - you think you've had it tough up to now? You've seen nothing yet. Grab your RPG and brace yourself against a somewhat imposing alien force. A great boss level to top off the episode. 97/100
Secret Level 1: Launch Center - accessible from Sewer Confines, this secret level involves a lot of violent exploring, blowing up a rocket and is just plain good fun. 90/100
Secret Level 2: Damned Space Life - another extra secret level not accessible from any other level at all, your mission is to reduce the resident alien population to zero. And justifiably so, they took over the space station in the first place. 90/100

Gameplay Type: addon
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d
Filesize: 1.24 MB
Level includes: new music, multiple difficulty settings

Download: New York Rebellion (2055)
Other releases by Fernando Márquez: Alien Fusion Tower, Alpha Core, Asteroid Stronghold, ClipArt Gallery, Cycling Perimeter, Damned Space Life, Dark Palm Hotel, FM2X: Orbital Oblivion, GnuStella Network, Intercommunication, Launch Center, Lonely Street, Lunar Crossroads, Optical Demounter, Sewer Confines, Skyscrapers, Spinning Rooms, SS Observatory, Sweeney Slime Refinery, Sweeney Slime Refinery (Old), Terran Moonshaft, The Lava Reef, User Map, Viewport

Know of any other maps from this author? Let us know

Mapping template:

    .-= New York Rebellion =-.

A custom episode for Duke Nukem 3D
       by Fernando Márquez


        Play Instructions

To play New York Rebellion, just
extract nyr.grp and the batch file
specific to your version of Duke3D
to your Duke3D folder, then simply
run the batch file. New York Rebellion
replaces Episode 1 of the game.

Note: if you have user.con or
E1L#.maps in your Duke folder, you
will need to temporarily relocate

Have fun!


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