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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » From Base To Base 2, by CarThief
Map Name: From Base To Base 2
Author: CarThief
Released: 28th May 2010
Rating: 84

Review by Forge on 20th June 2010

Requires Dukeplus 2.09 or higher

A medium sized hi-tech base styled map. The map is mainly made up of a series of steel gray corridors and steel gray small to steel gray medium sized rooms. It looks as if two armies have been fighting in it for the last fifty years until one day they decided to set aside their differences and start looting all the hardware stores within a five hundred mile radius. After a few years of marauding, they dumped all their acquired crap into every single corner of this base and retire to live out their lives in pubs telling everyone within ear shot all of their war stories. The amount of over detailing and just piling on of junk makes for a very cramped map. The environment would be much improved with a few ambient sounds, a little more variety in the texturing, some stronger shading, and opening up the floor a bit to be able to stand back and look around. There are a few neat little architectural structures scattered towards the end of the map made during an apparent creative flourish by the author, but don't expect to find anything too extraordinary within the steel gray square hallways and the steel gray square rooms. The map uses a pretty simple layout and is broken into small chunks. To get from one section to the next the author abuses the fade out/in transitioning effect of dukeplus. It slows down what would otherwise be a very fast paced map. Several of the smaller sections could have been combined to eliminate this problem. The author also takes advantage of dukeplus by amping up every alien in the map. They all have increased health and high powered weapons. When those fail to take you down with one shot, then they'll most likely just teleport behind you and either shoot you in the ass or suicide bomb you to death. It isn't a bad idea to walk backwards alot in this map. Then if that isn't enough, the author also tossed in a few "cannons" that can't be destroyed and can kill you very quickly if you're unfortunate enough to not see them in time. All this can make for some either really boring play if you have to reload all the time, or real exciting play if you enjoy strafe firing in small rooms and the challenge of surviving when the odds are stacked against you. Overall a rather claustrophobic and bland looking map with some incredibly challenging game play.

Texturing/Lighting-Shading:7/10 Sprite Work/Detailing:8/10 Ambiance: 7/10 Architecture/: 17/20 Layout: 18/20 Gameplay/Design: 27/30 Overall: 84/100

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32
Filesize: 199.60 KB
Level includes: multiple difficulty settings

Download: From Base To Base 2 (69)
Other releases by CarThief: Delivery to Hidden Base

Know of any other maps from this author? Let us know

Mapping template:

(One of the newer used functions are the temp sprites and monster group tags.)
(Also, this map uses some monster group tags, dont mix them up with others in the
same campaign/Episode!)

Title                   : From Base To Base 2
Date Completed          : Fri 28 May 2010
Filename                : FTBT2.MAP
Author                  : CarThief
Email Address           : martijnverweg[at]hotmail.com (Just try to avoid asking
me things about the map several years after release, unless its important, i guess.
Misc. Author Info       : None i'd like to share.
Other Levels            : From Base to Base (part 1), Delivery To Hidden Base,
AASYLUMDM, other stuff.

Description             : After activating the self destruct, the doors closed.
As things exploded more violently, a nearby wall broke open, showing a Lizard
trying to escape. The explosion finished it off, broke the keypad, and eventually
died down. Turns out there's more to this base, Duke's job is far from done.

Gameplay note: All the monsters use special AI and some even have strong abilities.
For example, some will teleport behind you, explode while close or killed while
begging(lizard troopers only). What they shoot may change as well
Oh yeah, after the event after you put the fuses in the wall box, two paths will
each lead to another path, thought it might be fun for replay value. Though they
too large (blame EDuke limits :P).

Somewhat unrelated notes: I basically built this map for myself, but i hope others
enjoy it.
As much as people are gonna complain about how the map looks, i'm fine with it and
just fine for me, detailing is more or less my own opinion and right.
Detailing sticks to the previous map's style, but there's atleast more different
to be found in this map. Though i may have repeated some elements i liked from the
previous map.

Tips if you're stuck:
(>>>SPOILERS!!<<< May want to read after trying/playing!)
Sorted in order of what you encounter from first to last.

During the first, uh, miniboss, or so to speak (a large structure with lizard
troopers on
top, encountered for the first time), if those lizard troopers get annoying, try
a spare pipebomb to take them out in mass. Saves lots of shotgun bullets. Boxes are
cover against the 3 different guns the machine uses to shoot at you. They only have
ammo though (see below, at bugs).

There's also a possibily nasty suprise attack from 3 octabrains as you enter the
area outside. Though they are immune to bullets and projectiles while, uh,
they do recieve damage from explosions! So if you got any spare pipe bombs...
Of course you could give them a facefull of lead when they pull you to eat you as
They are vulnerable while performing any attack, make use of that. :P

Having trouble at the tunnel after the outside area battle?
Try throwing some pipebombs, and watch your back, the Lizard men
WILL try to teleport behind you, in particular near the tank. Dont be afraid to use
steroids, the RPG or other powerfull weapons/items if you're in a sticky situation.

During the final battle, if the Battlelords prove tricky, try using steroids and
not-yet lowered pillars as cover. Oh, and if you have trouble with the last part in
(where the pillars lower and uncover machines that shoot thunder, try jumping to

Also, during when the second door opens, it will show a large structure with many
Basically, destroy the turrets to blow everything up, including the Lizard Troopers
on top.
A adviced weapon is the Duke Plus enhanced Freezer. As the turrets are explosive
Picking them off with bullets costs time and health, oh, the pillars suit well as
Unfortunately i think the enhanced freezer requires 32 bit... Meh.
And if the Lizard troopers annoy you, try using the RPG or pipe bombs to take them

Additional Credits      : The guys who made Duke Nukem 3D, DeeperThought for Duke

* Play Information *

Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Player	: Yes(With teleporters)
DukeMatch 2-8 Player    : Nope, no spot for that.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes, though they do not affect certain encounters.
Note: Come Get Some can prove to be quite hard. Safe often.

Assumed play time	: I'd say about 30 mintes or so if you dont rush it and
			loot places. Or i'm just slow, i guess.

Atomic Edition Required : Yes!
New Sound               : Nope. Though Duke Plus might replace some sounds.
New Music               : No, sorry. Feel free to use your own.
New Art                 : This map uses a little art from Duke Plus.
Modified CONs           : Uh, no. Unless that includes Duke Plus. :P
Demos Replaced          : None.

* Construction *

Base                    : From scratch.
Build Time              : Estimating from the earliest file, 6-7 months on and off.
Editor(s) used          : Mapster32 (I actually used a new one because
they ACTUALLY fixed the grid! And some nice new functions apparently.)
Known Bugs              :
* Sometimes, when putting a Fuse where it belongs, it adds several
while it only should add one at a time! (Needs 4 fuses total.)
* Also, in the garage area, the Lizard men may jump through the glass (only in one
there's two).
* Technically not a bug (aside shooters not being destructable while they should be),
shooters will not stop unless they run out of ammo. And might not shoot while you're
cover. So... Be prepared to dodge some shots after some encounters, possibily.
* It is possible some monsters that are vital (in a way of carrying a keycard or
to kill in order to trigger an event) will teleport and simply get lost and/or
Unfortunately, you may need to reload or cheat to solve this, doesnt happen alot,

May Not Run With...     : Anything that is not Duke and Duke Plus compatible.
			So... Try using Eduke.

Important Notes         :

* Copyright / Permissions *

I guess people may edit or use this for whatever reason. Just give credit?

Feel free to distribute it in any way, as long as its done without cost.
Though it might be nice if you link it to whatever site it is uploaded.
To send it through YANG (or similar multiplayer programs) is also fine.

If you can, please do include this .txt file. Unless of course you're sending it
YANG or such, cant help much on that one aside link em to where this may be uploaded.

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